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Video večer / Video Evening #06

Video večerja / Video Dinner
videos from Cultural Incubator’s (Maribor, SI) monthly events that combine food and visual image
selected by: Aleksandra Saška Gruden (SI)

Žogica v kuhinji (Ball in the kitchen)
Borut Popenko

Duration: 00:04:20

Žogica v kuhinji, Borut Popenko

Trash robots (Make a photo)
Zoran Srdić Janežič

Duration: 00:01:59

Trash robots (Make a photo), Zoran Srdić JanežičVideo Trash robots (make a photo) is a part of a opus Trash robots that includes also sculpture work, instalation art and performance. Video is made in a technique of stop motion animation in which main part are acting sculptural objects of robots that were made out of trash.

Zoran Srdić Janežić is designer of puppets in Puppet theatre in Ljubljana and Independent Visual Arts Professional. Lives and work in Ljubljana.

-Tovor- (Cargo)
Aleksandra Saška Gruden

Duration: 00:01:00, loop

Tovor, Aleksandra Saška GrudenA short video taken form the mobile phone is made of images of trucks and buses that are moving along the road. Video is shot from the bus – that’s why, images are blurry and smudged. But at the same time, you can sharply see the sequences which most literally express the content of the driving vehicle(the truck-cover with the inscription, folded bags, drivers cabin).

Aleksandra Saška Gruden is working for several years in area of video, performance and installation. During this time she has organised and lead numerous art symposiums, most of them in Croatia. She was the leader of PERFORMA festival in Maribor. In the last two years she has been in charge of Culture Incubator’ s progammes Video Dinner and Hyperfaçade. Recently she’s also leading a part of the programme inside the International Festival of Computer art (Mobile Introductions /Mobilne predstavitve).

Tokyo Station Ballet
Rene Rusjan

Duration: 00:01:00

Tokyo Station Ballet by Rene RusjanThe author has been filming cities and countries from different means of transport, mostly from the trains and metros, she often also filmed stations. From these footage emerged different works (Trains and Intermediate Spaces, 14 min; TheOneMinutes, Trains: Egypt, 1 min …). The moment of a train arriving at (and departing from) the Tokyo Station is used in a video for the project and the compilation Vrnitev, Postaja Topolove / Stazione di Topolo, 2004.

Wake me up if I fall asleep
Rene Rusjan

Duration: 00:01:00

Wake me up if I fall asleep by Rene RusjanThe one-minute video is basically designed as a screen saver and works as an interactive, although discrete element in the room. The eyes of the author observe the action from the corner, after a minute, the eyes close. With moving the mouse, visitors can open the eyes, and play the video, again.

Born in Ljubljana, 1962; intermedia artist, graduated in sculpture but mostly works in context specific projects; together with her husband co-founded the Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts Ljubljana (1994) and initiated the School of Arts at University of Nova Gorica (2009). Currently she is the programme director of Digital Arts and Practices, lecturer for Contemporary Art Practice and she is strongly involved in developing new art study programs for University of Nova Gorica.

Everything I eat turns to health, beauty and love
Vesna Bukovec

Duration: 00:03:48

Everything I eat turns to health, beauty and love by Vesna BukovecVideo is one of four videos from the series Positve Affirmations. Positive affirmation is a concept from popular psychology. It is a statement that will help us to achieve what we want. We have to repeat it long enough to take it for granted. In her recent projects Vesna Bukovec is researching the influence of consumer society, shopping culture and popular positive psychology on the formation of identity, subjective wellbeing and self-image of contemporary individual. She uses critical-ironical approach to cope with overflow of advices on how to gain and keep happiness and personal satisfaction.

Vesna Bukovec (1977) graduated and completed her post-graduate studies in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She works as a solo artist as well as in the art group KOLEKTIVA (with Metka Zupanič and Lada Cerar).

Vesna Krebs
RGB Foraminifere

Duration: 00:03:49

RGB  Foraminifere by Vesna KrebsRGB foraminiferas are shells mostly built of frequencies. They can be found in PAL, NTSC and SECAM environments. By constant moving and rotating they capture tiny pieces of light they feed on. Most of them live in cathode tubes but mutated forms can also be found in screens built of liquid crystals or LEDs. Their skeleton is constructed of dots – picture elements, pixels. Through evolution many mutation forms developed. Foras transmit “audio feedback” signal, on a frequency 10 Hz, inaudible to a human ear. Foras can not be seen with a human eye. Scientists use analog and digital media to capture specimen.

Born in 1979, Vesna Krebs lives and works in Ljubljana (Slovenia), and has been active in new media as a visual and conceptual artist since 2002, combining her passion for art and love of technology in generative art and interactive video works.

White etude_black surface
Ana Pečar

Duration: 00:04:43
Sound: Luka Prinčič

White etude_black surface by Ana PečarA play of metaphors and unusual counter positions of two heterogeneous elements bonded together by rhythm leaning on symbolic meanings. Natural elements interrupted by the sense of order by know better civilized human.

Adaptive Mood
Marko Ornik

Duration: 00:02:40
Music: Jadviga/Tomaž Šuštar

Adaptive Mood by Marko OrnikMarko Ornik lives and works in Maribor (SLO). In the 80s he collaborated with several music bands and researched the relation between sound and image, in the mid 90s he studied visual media at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, under the mentorship of prof. Peter Weibel.
In recent years, he’s been focused mainly on the research of the relations between rgb optical interactions of image matter and live image processing in connection with electro-acoustic music in the field of geometric, programmed, kinetic and optical art. He is also active as a producer, programme manager and selector of audiovisual live performances for the International Festival of Computer Arts (IFCA) and as programme director of the Institute for Art and Technology uho; oko: (ear; eye: ) Maribor.

Ex Voto
Mirjana Batinić

Duration: 00:08:36, loop

Ex Voto by Mirjana BatinićMetaphysical image of passion; scene of a kiss from the outside and the inside simultaneously. Kiss as a kind of passion’s primordial principle. Fullness without words, explanations, analyzing. An external image of passion. Kiss is exposed, giving itself away without aggression, without narcissism, following purely erotic – although subtly discrete – intention. Passion is shown in its rawness, like uncooked food.
Passionateness is in the very passion, and not elsewhere. There is no theatre, the passion shown is real. The inside and the outside become one. Work is conceived as a loop, endless duration of a kiss, with no beginning no end.

Mirjana Batinić is a multimedia artist, born 1977 in Split, Croatia. Currently finishing postgraduate studies at department of Video and New Media at Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. She was a postgraduate researcher at department of Media and Communications at University in Klagenfurt, Austria. Graduated 2003 at Arts academy of University in Split, Croatia. Finished School of Fine Arts in Split in 1996.

France Prešern GAZELE / Gazela 2: Oči sem večkrat vprašal
Miha Vipotnik

Duration: 00:02:15 (total duration: 00:24:44)
Voice: Stane Sever

France Prešern GAZELE, Miha Vipotnik

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