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Video večer / Video Evening #10

Projekt / project
selection of video works from project 2012, an independent platform for contemporary art from Trebinje, Bosnia & Herzegovina
curated by: Igor Bošnjak (BA)

Dragan Indjić

Duration: 00:03:04
Video performance
HD / 1280×720 / color / stereo / English subtitles

Quisling by Dragan IndjićIn December 2010, Weekly world news published John Malley’s statement in which he announced that extraterrestrial threat is coming in March 2011. John Malley has represented himself as a SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) lead expert who noticed a three huge spaceships located close to Jupiter.
This news, does not matter how crucial it seemed, had no echo in wide public, primarily because ridicule claims which are talking about the origin of spaceships (planet Zeeba), or relation between upcoming alien’s invasion with fish mortality in Arkansas.
It’s obvious that March has passed without ET invasion. However , in July 2011, Weekly world news has updated John Malley’s announcement for November this year (2011), on the completely same news’ link. Relative to the last time, the update had very powerful echo in wide public, and the beginning of Balkan counter-version of Welles’ The war of the worlds, started with Österreich (Tageszeitung) newspapers. Extracted from Österreich, the news rapidly spread among all important Serbian and Bosnian-Herzegovinian newspapers and TV channels. On Radio television of Srpska Republic (B-H), it was the breaking news in the noon’s news screaming of 14 July 2011.
Dragan’s video performance takes a psychology of reaction on news of E.T. invasion, as a tool for understanding formats of collective fear in a certain social frame. In this case, it’s about demoralized and fearless actual Bosnian society, which hardly understands something else could be a threat except for local inhabitants of opposite religious attitudes. This implies that Bosnian-Herzegovinian society has a negligible reaction to the traditionally “imaginary” collective fears, such as an extraterrestrial invasion. Even in the case of main-stream/regime medias (truth-teller) supported news.
Dragan has climbed onto the top of his building, and installed banners which are to help to the ET’s attacking plan. He decided to believe in the emitted news, such declaring himself inter-galactic “political attitude” as a sort of a satirical necessity.
Evoking the negative notion of Quisling, he plays with unexpected reaction to fear-generative news, as a sort of rebellion of intellect, abusing the content of news against its proposal of emitting.

Text by Mladen Bundalo

Dragan Indjić was born in Sanski Most, Bosnia and Herzegovina (1983). Graduated at Academy of Arts in Banja Luka, department of graphics. Lives and works in Prijedor (BA) as a conceptual artist and freelance graphic designer. He’s co-founder and active member of Tač.ka art group, known by experiments in the field of subversive institutional critic. He presented his work in the frame of Tač.ka’s activity at parallel events to Manifesta 7 in Trento and other Tač.ka’s activities such is No-Exhibition project (2008-2012) and Imaginary pavilion (2007-2011).

Traces of everyday life’s discourse, through fragments of ritual objects
Mladen Bundalo & Lucie Fournier

Duration: 00:07:10
Audio & video document
HD / 1280×720 / color / stereo / English subtitles

Traces of everyday life’s discourse, through fragments of ritual objects by Mladen Bundalo & Lucie FournierThis seven minute audio & video document work reflects author position on everyday life’s discourse, in a way of how artists can evoke some expressions and feelings about near past situations. This particularly work which is edited by very static video recordings has on it input very ordinary audio language. Ordinary audio recordings of everyday people talks stays very opposite on interesting still video shots, which can represent some fragments of non everyday ritual situations somewhere in nature. Frisbee, barrier, corridor, beds, tables, ground and fictive lake are key words and objects for these mental games. This “ritual objects” which we can use in everyday life are transformed on “higher level meaning” objects with simple using of still video. By that kind of recordings object looks like lost memories. Way of authors use that kind of still video and objects in it, is traditionally conceptual, but when we “see” narrative we found very present memory trace of each object. From personal angle of Mladen and Lucie (which can be their own “first person view”), this video speaks about very intimate story of how we can “translate” some ordinary holiday days memo into some very precise, special, extraordinary and unusual “art&theory memory”.

Text by Igor Bošnjak

Mladen Bundalo, born in Prijedor, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1986. Education: BFA. Prints, Academy of arts in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2005 – 2009). MA – Multimedia, Academy of fine arts in Brno, Czech Republic (2009 – 2011). Mladen is member of art group “Tač.ka”, Prijedor-Banja Luka (BA).

12 windows
Igor Bošnjak

Duration: 00:02:20
HD / 1280×720 / color / stereo

12 windows by Igor Bošnjak12 windows is experimental composite still shot video which plays with relations between first plan (foreground) and second other plan (background). The main idea of video was how to generate narrative in the background by using only very short blip frames in the foreground. Relations between first plan (passers) and second plan (building) are completely created using compositing still image and compositing video image on the facade of building.

Text by Igor Bošnjak

Igor Bošnjak was born in 1981 in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia. Author and the curator of the international project. In addition to the art of painting, he has delved into the area of concept, new media art, experimental film and video. Also works as a freelance theorist and reflects on the new theoretical and art platforms in the domain of film, video and cyberspace. Curently works as a asistant professor at Academy of fine arts in Trebinje at department of painting and as a coordinator on subjects of intermedia and photography. Lives and works in Trebinje (Bosnia&Herzegovina).

Ten minutes for the existence of art
Miroslav Stakić

Duration: 00:10:05
Video / Film
HD / 1280×720 / color / stereo / English subtitles

Ten minutes for the existence of art by Miroslav StakićParalelly with his studies of visual art, Miroslav was developing his excavator’s driving skills. During the last year, Miroslav realized a series of performances in which he was drawing a humane portraits, using a metal hand of the excavator as a color brush, and among other aspects of the work, formally demonstrating his skills and precision in using this big machine.
Without possibility for professional engagement (visual arts), as a last opportunity of being employed, he forwarded this video performances to the head-quoter of local Arcelor-Mittal’s iron mines. After few months, Miroslav did necessary training and the iron mine formally employed him at the position of a damper driver.
This emblematic video is an insight into a “mental transcript” of an artist who is totally dislocated from conditions of “being an artist”, but who risks to contemplate about art’s issues into a routine of driving a huge machine at a dangerous working place. This video presents an unexpected framing of art issues, at the place, formally so far from the expected art context. This “unexpected art context” is not based on an assumption that Miroslav is an artist who at a certain cognitive moment deals with something taken from a general social ether, but more on the fact that he’s an artist employed because of his formal skills in handling big machines.
Reading the whole action in this way, the significant point of the work is that Miroslav does not take the new working place as an art medium, but something we (or they) consider art is, he takes as a medium for being employed as a damper driver.

Text by Mladen Bundalo

Miroslav Stakić was born in Sisak, Croatia (1983). He’s advanced university student at Academy of arts in Banja Luka, department of painting. Lives and works in Prijedor (BA) as conceptual-video artist and damper driver. He’s known to public through his experimenting with big machines and very active video production.

Nebojša Bumba

Duration: 00:03:53
HD / 1280×720 / color / stereo

Trio by Nebojša BumbaThis film/video is playing with deconstruction of one single identity. Single identity is defragmented by cloning process on a three different entity. Each of three entity has it is own karma, spirit, soul, mind state, mood, fashion style and face gesture. Those two from left and right side (left wing, right wing) trying to displace this one in the middle. Everything is ok, until bottle of domestic whiskey is began to play very important role…

Text by Igor Bošnjak

Nebojša Bumba, was born in 1983 in Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Experiments in new media, digital paintings, drawings, collage, photography and video. Lives and works in Trebinje. Received a BA from the Academy of Fine Arts, Trebinje, University of East Sarajevo, Painting Department.

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