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Video večer / Video Evening #15

Kika Nicolela

What do you think of me?
Finland/Brazil, 2009
Finnish with English subtitles
Duration: 00:16:00
Concept, performance and editing: Kika Nicolela

What do you think of me? by Kika NicolelaDuring the Sumu Art Residency in Turku, Finland, the artist invites local people to shoot her with a camera and describe her in Finish.

France/Brazil, 2007
No dialogues
Duration: 00:05:00
Concept, camera and editing: Kika Nicolela
Original soundtrack: Thierry Gauthier & Delphine Measroch

Passenger by Kika NicolelaPassenger was shot inside a bus on the road to Paris, and testifies the effect of dusk and rain in the moving blurred landscape. The colors and shapes formed by the combination of light and movement on the low-resolution camera evoke a unique trip through an imagined land.

Brazil, 2003
No dialogues
Duration: 00:09:00
Concept, camera and editing: Kika Nicolela
Performer and movement research: Leticia Sekito

Crossing by by Kika NicolelaThe simple act of crossing the street. A banal, daily act, shared by thousands of people in the same city in a single moment; a corporal mass without identity. In the flow, the comfortable sensation of being anonymous. Suddenly, a rupture happens. The body releases itself and becomes free. This body in suspense starts to express a will and to reinvent itself. But which way should it choose?

Brazil, 2010
Portuguese with English subtitles
Duration: 00:05:50
Concept and editing: Kika Nicolela
Performance: Traffic Jam

Don't by Kika NicolelaDon’t was developed for Traffic Jam#1: São Paulo, a project created during an art residency at Casa das Caldeiras, in São Paulo (November 2010), by 10 artists from Brazil and other countries. The video challenges and disturbs – with humor – the sense of authority and question the random rules and limitations on public/private audiovisual recording. It also explores how the presence of the camera has the potential to provoke new and unpredictable situations and exchanges between strangers in the city.

Tropic of Capricorn
Brazil, 2005
Portuguese with English subtitles
Duration: 00:30:50
Concept and editing: Kika Nicolela
Director of photography: Ching C. Wang
Song: The Soundscapes

Tropic of Capricorn by Kika NicolelaFour transsexuals are brought in to a hotel room on the same night. Each one of them is asked to lie on a bed in an empty room and reveal herself to a camera mounted on the ceiling. They share with the camera their fantasies, hopes, questionings and experiences in the streets of Sao Paulo.

Brazil, 2009
No dialogues
Duration: 00:02:43
Concept, performance and editing: Kika Nicolela
Soundtrack: Andrei Machado

Flickering by Kika NicolelaFrom darkness to light and back to darkness; an emotional self-portrait.

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