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Video večer / Video Evening #05

Further Tales from Everywhere
video works from Outcasting, an online moving image gallery
selected by Michael Cousin, UK

Bryant Dameron
Duration: 00:04:14

Follow by Bryant DameronAs cautionary tale forgotten, or a renewed cycle, President Jimmy Carter’s, now 20-year-old, speech still carries relevancy. These words were delivered in a prime-time television address to the American public on July 15, 1979.

Bryant Dameron`s video-art works have been exhibited internationally and across the US in festivals, gallery exhibitions, and television. Recent exhibitions include the Busan International Video Festival and the Videoart Festival Miden. Bryant received a BA in Mass Communications from Virginia Tech in 2005, and a MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2007. He currently lives and works in Richmond Virginia. In addition to video and film Bryant enjoys teaching and web-design.
The warm glow of communal campfires has been replaced with harsh electronic light. The flickering ghost simulacrum of the screen is our longing and validation. Copies of copies of photons now glow and create quiet streets of strangers watching strangers.

Djinn Boots
Richard Powell
Duration: 00:08:53

Djinn Boots by Richard PowellMy presence here is a case of an accidental video maker, or rather, a video maker as an extension of the material world practice. A case of a sculptor as an accidental performer, or rather, the performance as an extension of the sculptures existence and purpose. – Follow where it goes, engage with what it is, a doctrine of sorts, one that’s neither passive nor concluded.

“Humanity’s dream of flight came true. So what are we dreaming now?

That we have not stopped dreaming is clear enough. Appeals and references to the dream abound, all around us while work like Richard Powell’s indicates that the reality has simply given the dream new ideas and experiences around which to coalesce. We dream on, and now projected through new realities- actualities, which didn’t exist before, not even in the imagination- its hold upon us is as strong as ever.”

Adam Trowbridge
Duration: 00:05:31

Interrogation by Adam TrowbridgeSeizing vocalization and movements, baseless, chaotic patterns rising slightly above the noise level, they are misfires of neurons and failure of communication, passing through the interrogation structure.

Adam Trowbridge is a manner of speaking, focused on artistic research that fractures the intersection of sensation and cognition. Materially, his recent work has been in the form of sculpture, computer-driven installation and video. He is attending the University of Illinois at Chicago as a MFA student in Electronic Visualization. He holds a BFA in painting and sculpture from the University of Central Florida, where he studied under sculptor Jóhann Eyfells. His work has been featured nationally and internationally including Anthology Film Archives, NYC; Hyde Park Art Centre, Chicago; Pleasure Dome, Toronto, Ontario; New Forms Festival, Vancouver; Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ; MicroCineFest, Baltimore, MD; EXiS, Seoul, Korea; Videoholica, Varna, Bulgaria; and Square Eyes Festival, The Netherlands.

Hollywood and Vine
N_DREW (Andrew Bucksbarg)
Duration: 00:07:02

Hollywood and Vine by N_DREWIn communication technologies, the signal to noise ratio describes the strength of the signal to that of the background noise. “Hollywood and Vine” is an experimental audio-visual document and exploration of force and resistance, signal and noise, and representation and abstraction.
Using documentation of part of the worldwide war protest in Los Angeles in 2003, “Hollywood and Vine” explores sound-image relations channeled, mixed and full of noisy signal. “Hollywood and Vine” asks- how does one differentiate signal and noise in society? At what point does the protest of millions become signal from a background of noise?

Andrew Bucksbarg
N_DREW is a media artist, experimental interaction designer, audio-visual performer and a professor in the Department of Telecommunications at Indiana University. N_DREW creates audio-visual performances and interactive works, exploring organic and abstract forms, live A/V processes and participatory techno culture, enthralling audiences with images, beats, ambient or noisy sounds and pixilated atmospheres.
N_DREW`s work and interests reverberate in the space of interactive technology, media practices and theory. As an experimental interaction artist, he concerns himself with technologies and social systems that support tactics of ambiguous, autonomous social creativity and exchange.
N_DREW`s work appears in museums, galleries and festivals internationally, including recent installations or performances in the Science Gallery, Dublin; Piksel Festival in Bergen, Norway; Sea and Space Gallery in Los Angeles; SoundWalk in Long Beach; Come Out & Play Festival in New York; Sonorities Festival in Belfast; and the Signal To Noise Festival in Vancouver, Canada. He received an MFA from California Institute of the Arts in 1999.

Triumph der Abwesenheit
Gregor Rozanski
Duration: 00:14:01

Triumph der Abwesenheit by Gregor RozanskiModified version of famous Leni Riefenstahl`s “Triumph of the Will” (Triumph des Willens). All trails of direct nazi signs and even the image of Adolf Hitler have been deleted from the whole recording. From over an hour of footage only 14 minutes remain. Symbolic censure has made from this movie a story full of strange rituals, situations and worrying emptiness with a silent soundtrack. In spite of all this there is a palpable mood of “fascist tension”. Triumph of absence, powerlessness and chaotic narrative.

Born 1988 in Wroclaw, Poland / currently lives in Berlin.
Ephemeral ideas and situations, post-conceptual, sculpture in its most expanded sense, sounds, acts between sublime and radical, redefinitions and retroactivity.

Alysse Stepanian
Duration: 00:05:30

Roghieh by Alysse StepanianIranian born Alysse Stepanian moved to the US after the Revolution of 1979. This video is based on her early dream journal. “Roghieh” paints a surreal picture of the early stages of the Iranian Revolution, when it empowered the underprivileged, who had a significant role in the overthrow of an elitist regime. This video is part of a series of shorts from “I’m Frustrated About Having to Wear My Father’s Large Clothes.”

A multimedia, cross-disciplinary, and video artist. She is the creator and curator of Manipulated Image video screenings at the Santa Fe Complex in the USA. In February 2010 “Roghieh” was screened at CeC – Carnival of e-creativity at Sattal/India, from the collection of CologneOFF V based in Germany. Other 2009 screenings include Abington Art Center near Philadelphia (video from the 1990ʼs), Harold Golen Gallery in Miami, USA, Kunstfilmtag 09 in Düsseldorf, and her webart presentation on HZ Online Journal and Digital Fringe Online Festival. Stepanian has collaborated with Philip Mantione under the name BOX 1035. Their 2006 installation, “Donʼt be afraid, be ready” at Imagine Gallery in Beijing was listed in the City Weekend magazine as number one of the top 5 exhibits. Other collaborative installations were featured at the Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin, and Islip Museum of Art in New York. Her videos have also been presented at Leeds International Film Festival (UK); Centre for Contemporary Art (Santa Fe, USA); Armenian Centre for Contemporary Experimental Art (Yerevan, Armenia); Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin (2002-3): cinéma lʼArlequin (Paris) and Podewil (Berlin); Art In General, Dixon Place, and recently at YOVEO International Video Festival, all in New York City.

TAXIing In the City
Janis Rafailidou
Duration: 00:02:25

TAXIing In the City by Janis RafailidouA film composed of 9 episodes, combining documentary approaches in filming with animation and found footage.
The narrative of the project unfolds inside a taxi, during its drive through the streets of Athens, in December 2008 and January 2009. It is a documentary under question, a film-journey in which levels of reality, of co-existing places and of information overlap and interchange.
It is a collection of narratives and tales about the city and its political events, with specific reference to the uprisings in Athens and the attacks on Gaza.
All these encounters take place within a taxi as it journeys through the streets of Athens, with its driver the artist herself.
Soti Triantafillou & Andreas Pagoulatos are performing and participating with their text in the film.
Awarded with: Best Documentary Award at the “5th CRASHFEST Film Festival” (June 2010)

As a visual artist Janis has concentrated on media technologies -qualifications on filmmaking and postproduction, photography, animation (including drawing)- combined with environmental installations. Her work combines experimental documentary practices with fictional scenarios that explore the notion of borderlines, “heterotopias”, in-between space-times and migration. Her current projects are all based on a performative and visual research where the artist acts as a trans-cultural traveller.
Born in 1984 in Athens, Greece, the last seven years Janis studies in UK. She has been awarded by “Arts and Humanities Research Council” with a scholarship both for her PhD (2007-2010) and MA (2006-2007) in Fine Art postgraduate course, at the University of Leeds. Also, she has been nominated by AXIS as one of the “Selected Graduates” and has been awarded by the Leeds Art Fair 2008 as “Best Newcomer”.
The past four years she has exhibited in group shows and commissioned events in Leeds and Athens. She has also participated and collaborated with the following organisations: Athens Voice newspaper, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds City Library, Situation Leeds Festival, Light Night 2007, the Black Dogs, BBC Leeds, Leeds Visual Arts Forum.
This year she was selected to show in an exhibition in Leeds, organised by Project Space Leeds and Whitechapel Gallery. Also, she exhibited at the Leeds Art Gallery along with Georgina Starr, Annelies Strba and Rosalind Nashashibi in 2008 and participated at the Independent Liverpool Biennial 08.
During her BA graduation from the University of Leeds (2006), she received national and international coverage by media and press such as The Times, Sunday Times, Yorkshire Post, Daily Mirror, BBC National TV News, BBC Radio, and Geek Newspapers & Radio.
Janis assisted the 1st Athens Biennial (2007) and worked for Henry Moore Institute. Also, she teaches at the BA Fine Art at the University of Leeds and works as a visiting artist in universities, including Norwich University College of the Arts and Leeds Collage of Art.

Angelo Picozzi
Duration: 00:00:47

00:00:45:00 by Angelo Picozzi“00:00:45:00” takes its form from a found roll of film of 15 photographs, which upon inspection contained within its sequence 3 photographs taken in Hiroshima, Japan, sometime shortly after the atomic bomb “Little Boy” was dropped over the city. “00:00:45:00” takes its temporal duration from the length of time it took ‘Little Boy` to explode over the city from its release from the “Enola Gay”.
“00:00:45:00” was not conceived as a memorial to the man who took these images, nor is the work a protest or celebration of war.
This work is an investigation into the two-dimensionality of the picture plane and potential of photographs to contain varying levels of reflection, opacity, and transparency. I hope these photographs evoke a certain ambiguity, an oscillation between reflected and actual reality; that invites inspection of the space and the meaning of the image.
“00:00:45:00” is now on permanent display as part of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Japan.

My work reflects my investigation into collective/individual experience, memory, and the experience of time. My work is realized in video, audio, photographic, and sculptural pieces.

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