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Video večer / Video Evening #14

Evelin Stermitz

I Don’t Love You Anymore
Duration: 00:08:45:00
Concept, Sound, Video: Evelin Stermitz

I Don't Love You Anymore by Evelin StermitzFemale ‘break ups’ in relationships became sort of ‘chic’ in the Hollywood’s since the 1990s as a rare film plot. These female contestations of terminating relations show also the rejection of both, the classic happy Hollywood endings of common film plots and the stereotype of the left woman. Through this, contemporary aspects of female empowerment and self-determination are encouraged as a film thread. This video piece strings together scenes where the male gaze is rejected through the female persona. While in earlier Hollywood films, scenes of raging women were associated with female hysteria and therefore with a sort of stereotyped sickness inscribed into women, in the last two decades it came to recognition of actresses who offer a counter behavior against male relational dependency.

Into the Mirror
Video performance
Duration: 00:05:21:00
Performance and Video: Evelin Stermitz
Sound collage composed by Elise Kermani, with additional sound samples by Christine Bard, 2011

Into the Mirror by Evelin StermitzA woman is intrigued by a door seen in a mirror and pondering on entering through the mirror and its door into a different reality. The door in the mirror seems to be hazardous, awkward, a mystery, and a miracle at the same moment.
This video work was inspired by Alice’s door and the encounter with a different world when entering through an imaginative door. Further, personal encounters with viewing doors in mirrors lead to this video work with the wish to explore this picture in a performative context, as to realize a wish to enter the door in an imaginative relation and doing a step into Alice’s world.
The video work does not disclose the world behind the door for the viewer, but is leaving this open for any imaginative perspectives.

Women in War
Duration: 00:03:05:00
Sound and Video: Evelin Stermitz

Women in War by Evelin StermitzThis video work came into being during a research on the tag ‘women’ on YouTube, and through this finding stereotyped videos with women’s images entitled like ‘Most Beautiful Women’, ‘Famous Sexy Women’, and so forth. By re-editing the found videos and underlaying the material with sounds from reports on women in war and violence against women, the final video became a strange subversion of women’s media images and the woman as a commodified object becomes obvious. The video is split between women’s images in media and the sound of the real, to break with a world of male illusions and to enter the field of male transgression. ‘Women in War’ is a metaphor for women’s images in the media war and real war.


experimental performative video
Duration (loop): 00:01:00:00
Sound by Elise Kermani, Ear Music, 2001
Performance and Video: Evelin Stermitz

Women in War by Evelin StermitzTextual structures on body fragments as inscriptions on the female body of metaphorical injuries by rape violence are merging into an image of speechless suppression by male supremacy. Rape remains as a silent terror and global transgression, as a silent field of unspoken reality, because the afflicted women are broken.
This video work is created for FemLink The International Video Collages, on the collage theme of ‘Aggression’.


Table Talk
Video performance
Duration (loop): 00:02:34:23
Sound: Borut Savski, Random Activities, Activity 7, 2000/2001
Performance and Video: Evelin Stermitz
Special credits: Nina Sobell for access to her renovated kitchen

Table Talk by Evelin StermitzIn an exaggerated gender specific communication role, a woman is constantly giving positive encouragement toward an unseen male discussion partner, without having an own opinion, or something else to say than to support the male counterpart.
In this performative video work, a gendered communication role model is directed to an imaginary male opponent and describes how the usage of language can be defined as a relation and structure of power between the two social sexes.


Hitchcock Dishing
Duration: 00:01:17:05
Sound and Video: Evelin Stermitz

Hitchcock Dishing by Evelin StermitzA short video about the danger of daily dishing as a sublime metaphor for the unpaid daily work of women with its loss of time and energy for other more meaningful, useful and creative activities.
“Hitchcock Dishing” is also articulating concealed domestic violence.


Blue House
Dance Improvisation Performance
DV PAL/NTSC 16:9 2009
Duration: 00:25:18:00
Performer: Klaudia Ahrer, Tina Gressl, Judith Meister.
All music composed, performed and recorded by Elise Kermani, Copyright 2008, Licensed by BMI
Video: Evelin Stermitz

Blue House by Evelin StermitzThree women are performing in a blue coloured house. The scenario of persona and interior all in blue seems like a Bluebeard’s tale, but transformed into women acting in a gendered private space.


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