KOLEKTIVA art group


KOLEKTIVA is a group of three contemporary visual artists based in Ljubljana, Slovenia: Vesna Bukovec (1977), Lada Cerar (1974) and Metka Zupanič (1977).

We started to work together as informal group in 2002. In 2008 we decided to form a group KOLEKTIVA in order to make a bigger division between our individual and our collective work. All of us also work as individual artists. We have all graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in 2002. Metka Zupanič and Vesna Bukovec received MA in 2005 and 2006 at the same Academy.

In our group projects we are focused into research of inter-personal relationships, everyday life and the art system. Individuals, art public, passerby or specially target groups represent an important role in our work. We invite them to take an active part in the creative process and become co-authors of the work. We understand the process of art making as a means of negotiation, exchange and cooperation.


KOLEKTIVA: Within a dialogue, Exhibition catalogue, 2012 Catalogue published at the occasion of the exhibition by KOLEKTIVA art group presenting selected projects from the last 10 years at Mihelič Gallery in Ptuj
(PDF in Slovenian and English language, 2012)
Catalogue published at the occasion of a solo exhibition by KOLEKTIVA at A+A Gallery in Venice
(PDF in Italian and English language, 2011)

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