Video in Progress 2: City Perspectives

Curated by: Vesna Bukovec and Metka Zupanič

Participating artists: Jasna Hribernik and Zmago Lenardič, Anja Medved, KOLEKTIVA (Vesna Bukovec, Lada Cerar, Metka Zupanič), Polonca Lovšin, Tanja Lažetić and Dejan Habicht

Video in Progress 2: City Perspectives

Video in Progress 2: City Perspectives is also part of the exhibition PHOTONIC, LUMINATIC: New Slovenian Photography and Video


The video selection presents five video works, which were created by nine Slovenian authors of the younger and middle generation. All artists take part in the representative exhibitions of contemporary Slovenian art and they are also active in the international sphere. The joint characteristic of the selected video works is a conceptual research of contemporary society’s peculiarities and individual comprehension of the urban city reality. All works are based on personal narratives and intimate experience. In four videos, this is expressed by a form of individual memory of the past, which is continually intertwined with excerpts from the present. One video deals with the future or the ideal image of home. All videos explore similar starting points, however in each of the videos this is done differently and with the use of different formal approaches. The results are five different videos of six different cities (Ljubljana, New York, Moscow, Gorizia, Nova Gorica, Graz) each of them opening new aspects of experiencing a contemporary city.

Production: Association/Gallery Photon
Co-production: Kolektiva Institute
Project supported by: Mestna občina Ljubljana – Oddelek za kulturo, Ministrstvo za kulturo
Year: 2008/2009

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