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20. 10. 2013Exquisite Corpse Video Project (ECVP)

[slovensko] In the sixteenth Video Evening KOLEKTIVA is presenting the international video collages Exquisite Corpse Video Project (ECVP). Join us for the screening and a talk with the iniciator and coordinator of the project Brazilian artist and curator Kika Nicolela and participating artist from Slovenia Pila Rusjan. — Video večer / Video Evening #16 Exquisite […]

1. 07. 2013Kika Nicolela

[slovensko] In the 15th Video Evening KOLEKTIVA presents selected videos by the Brazilian artist and filmmaker Kika Nicolela. — Video večer / Video Evening #15 Kika Nicolela Tuesday, 9. 7. 2013 at 8 pm Photon Gallery Trg prekomorskih brigad 1, Ljubljana — Kika Nicolela: Crossing, 2003, still

16. 05. 2013Evelin Stermitz

[slovensko] In the fourteenth Video Evening KOLEKTIVA presents Austrian video artist and curator Evelin Stermitz. The artist will show her recent video works that focus on performativity and a feminist context. She will be giving a talk about the background of works and her artistic practice whereby a perspective on gender is foregrounded. — Video […]

17. 02. 2013Pri Zlatem stegnu / The Golden Thigh 2008–2011

[slovensko] In the 13th Video Evening KOLEKTIVA presents videos from Nataša Skušek and Katja Skušek’s project The Golden Thigh of the 2008–2011 period. — Video večer / Video Evening #13 Nataša & Katja Skušek: The Golden Thigh 2008–2011 Tuesday, 26. 2. 2013 at 7 pm Photon Gallery Trg prekomorskih brigad 1, Ljubljana Nataša & Katja […]

26. 11. 2012Goodnight Sofia

[slovensko] In the 12th Video Evening KOLEKTIVA presents a film Goodnight Sofia by Italian filmmaker Leonardo Moro. The film is an abstract documentary about childhood, family, and memory. A girl, after suffering a serious loss, goes through the empty streets of a town far away. She’s alone and hurt. Where is she from? What is […]

1. 06. 2012What a Nice Time We Had Here

[slovensko] In the eleventh Video Evening KOLEKTIVA presents audiovisual performance by New York based artsits Alex Nathanson & Dylan Neely. The project is composed of a live/interactive video projection and electric violin. Their performance for Video Evening #11 is part of the European Tour (Berlin, Brno, Budapest, Vienna, Ljubljana, Zagreb). The performance duration is 45 […]